Danger Zone Bonus Levels Crack
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Welcome to Danger Zone, a new virtual Accident Trial Facility. Put yourself in the shoes of a dangerous driver and try to survive a lot of challenging crash scenarios.

It’s easy to make an accident, but can you also collect all Bonus Scores?

Supported by Unreal Engine, Danger Zone combines real physical accidents with explosive gameplay. Use the explosive “SmashBreaker” to change the direction of the vehicles to the opposite lanes, cycle the lorries to break up their loads and move the vehicle around. The more explosions you get, the higher the score.

If you’re tired of traffic and stuck roads, switch to the Danger Zone. Take revenge on work-out traffic. This is a paradise for those who want to fuel their drive.


Single Player Game Mode with 32 unique crash trial scenarios. Online Leaderboards allow player scores to be compared to friends and the world.

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