Fernbus Simulator Crack
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Fernbus Coach Simulator is the first simulation of the most popular intercity buses. Thanks to the collaboration with FlixBus, the Fernbus Coach Simulator shows the everyday life of a bus driver in over 40 cities with highways, highways and great details. 

Experience the daily life of the long-distance bus driver with the big and modern MAN Lion’s Coach bus. Drive through the complex highway and road network to the bus stations in more than 40 cities and stay in touch with the center! 

Partly full German road traffic during your journey and other traffic during the season all day, day and day safely check your bus.
20,000 kilometers of FlixBus’s German route network was simulated in over 40 cities. Time 1:10 goes through scaling, so individual tours don’t last very long. 

As with passengers at the actual bus stations, passengers with valid tickets will be boarding and other passengers will have to buy a ticket. 

Both MAN buses are equipped with original coke with all functions. The interior and exterior of the bus are modeled to the last detail. It provides a realistic atmosphere to the original passenger voices. Construction site areas, traffic density, and accidents as a bus driver forces you to keep up with the program. Buses have been tested and optimized by real bus drivers and driving instructors.

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