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gnoring its seemingly unoriginal plot and a massive pile of negative reviews, it’s a film that actually does a lot of cool things, ends up being highly entertaining, and is dangerously close to being a great film. A man’s home is invaded, his house robbed and his wife and daughter murdered in front of him. But when the pair of killers are arrested, one makes a deal with the prosecutor to get off easy, while the other goes to death row.

This doesn’t sit well with the father (Gerard Butler) and he spends the next ten years plotting up the world’s most elaborate revenge scheme against the criminals, the prosecutor (Jamie Foxx) and all the other court officials and government appointees involved.

He quickly dispatches of his family’s killers in particularly brutal ways, but things really turn wonky once he’s in prison, yet other people start dying anyway. It’s all part of his insanely complicated plan he’s been set up for years, thanks in part due to a secret supply of black-ops skills which are normally employed to assassinate foreign dignitaries from a thousand miles away.

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